Vadsbo 0-200va Bluetooth Wireless dimmer module

Vadsbo 0-200va Bluetooth Wireless dimmer module

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Push button switch function

Connect a regular momentary switch and get synchronized control over whichever LD220WCM dimmers you wish. The switch can be tailored on your smartphone to get control over a unit or a group. Or even any other LD220WCM device that is connected to Blutetooth MESH network.

230V installation

The bluetooth dimmer LD220WCM is designed to dim the LEDs, therefore the low start up power at 0VA. It is very flexible in the sense that it is able to dim all 230V installations up to 200VA, whether it is LED, halogen, or incandescent lamps.


Thanks to the market’s most common communication protocol are broadly available in all smartphones / tablets today the integrated Bluetooth and MESH technology offers LD220WCM endless possibilities! This provides the easiest setup of any installation. With the LD220WCM, any combination of CV and CC LED can be mixed and controlled from the same simple intuitive interface using your smartphone / tablet.