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Portable Air Conditioners (PAC)

Portable Air Conditioning units are a great option for a flexible cooling and heating solution (certain models only). Fitted with easy-roll castors these mobile air conditioning systems can be conveniently moved from room to room as required, perfect for warm summers at home or hot days in the office. Great to heat your home and office in the winter too!

How do they work?

Portable air conditioning units are a compact, all in one version of our split system air conditioners. They have all the components built into one portable and visually appealing appliance and are controlled either by the on board control panel or a wireless, hands-free remote.

A ducted exhaust hose is included with the system to vent the hot air to the outside of the building along with an adjustable window mounting panel for a quick and easy set up. Our portable air conditioning units benefit from an automatic inbuilt condensate pump, eliminating the need for emptying a water tank (unless in extreme humidity).

PAC Portable Air Conditioner

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Evaporative Air Coolers (EVAP)

Air Coolers simply and efficiently use the process of evaporation to create a cooler environment. Not only are these appliances simple to use, portable and cheap to run, they have the potential to cool a room by as much as 15°C!

How do they work?

Evaporative Coolers have no compressor so are cheaper to run. Instead they use a simple evaporation process fed by a tank of water and a damp honeycomb material through which air is blown.

Water is pumped onto an absorbent honeycomb material. Following this a fan blows the room air through the honeycomb pad and this in turn creates an Evaporation process producing cooler air.

Evaporative Air Coolers

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