SEARCHLIGHT BULKHEAD Outdoor Wall/ Ceiling Light - Black Gold Aluminium & Clear Holophane Style Glass

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The Brass Bulkhead Outdoor Light can be used as a wall light or ceiling light and will be a stylish and functional addition to outdoor spaces. Featuring a round shape and constructed with durable aluminium, glass and rubber, the Brass Bulkhead Outdoor Light is built to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in any outdoor environment. With its protective cage design and black gold colourway, the Bulkhead Outdoor Wall/Ceiling Light enhances the visual appeal of an outdoor space whilst also providing practical and safety benefits. The cage acts as a shield, safeguarding the internal components from damage, impacts, and weather conditions such as rain, wind, and debris. Featuring a clear shade, this outdoor light provides unobstructed illumination, effectively brightening up pathways, entryways, and outdoor seating areas, and its size means it is also suitable for balconies. Its reliable and efficient lighting ensures a well-lit outdoor space for enhanced safety and ambience.