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Antique Brass & Champagne Glass: Creating a warm and inviting ambience in any space, the Bijou Antique Brass & Champagne Glass Ceiling Light combines the classic charm of antique brass with the timeless elegance of champagne glass. With its 3 individual lamps, stunning glazed finish and adjustable height, it is designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any living room or bedroom in your living space. With a blend of beautiful and high-quality materials, the Bijou Antique Brass & Champagne Glass Ceiling Light showcases the perfect marriage of durability and sophistication. Height adjustable to fit any ceiling height, this 3-light pendant light will add instant glamour to any room.

Chrome Metal & Crystal Glass: The 3 light Bijou pendant is finished in polished chrome and has a rounded shade of inlayed clear facetted crystal glass. This pendant is height adjustable and dimmable and would look great in any lounge, bedroom or hallway.