Panasonic AA Pro Power Gold Batteries Pk4/Pk12 Exp2029 MN1500 LR6

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PRO POWER battery: long-lasting power

The Pro Power batteries offer premium energy for your personal appliances. This battery is developed to provide reliable, safe, long-lasting and dependable power, any place and any time. With its very complete product line up, the Pro Power battery is ideal for high and medium drain appliances. Pro Power is the perfect battery for energy-consuming toys, like remote controlled cars, robots and other devices with moving parts. Also radios, keyboards and torches will work longer with this powerful battery. And if you're looking for prolonged reliable energy for low drain appliances such as smoke alarm detectors, a computer mouse or your TV remote controller, Pro Power is the right choice. High drain appliances like robots and devices with moving parts consume much energy in contrast to a smoke alarm. But the Pro Power batteries can be used for all personal appliances, with reliable and dependable power.


Two unique technologies

Panasonic Pro Power cells are a better class of battery. Intensive research and development has yielded two unique technologies: Anti-Leak Protection to prevent damage to appliances, and Triple Tough Coating to reduce contact resistance for greater reliability. Our alkaline family has improved resistance to impact and short-circuit, and delivers high performance with industry-leading safety levels. For endurance and reliability in high-current applications, Panasonic is clearly the best choice.

Next to this, Pro Power batteries are also developed to meet the energy needs of today’s electronic appliances. Thanks to their higher energy efficiency, they last longer, which means you'll have to replace them less quickly. The less batteries you need, the lower the impact on the environment.


PRO POWER and the benefits

Why should you buy the Pro Power batteries? These batteries last up to 85% longer compared with a Panasonic Alkaline battery in a digital camera, they have an anti-leak protection if they are used correctly and they keep up energy up to 10 yeas even when you don't use them.

Key Features

Up to +85% longer lasting. Panasonic’s Pro Power battery offers premium energy for your personal appliances. Complete product line up. Ideal for high and medium drain appliances. Premium alkaline range: developed to provide reliable and dependable power, any place any time..