NANO – IP65 Polymer Corrosion Proofs

NANO – IP65 Polymer Corrosion Proofs

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A NEW approach to IP65 Corrosion proof fittings.

Specifically designed for high output LED boards rather than a rehash of the old Polycarbonate conversion of a fluorescent body to accommodate LED.

Slim, clean looking aesthetically pleasing NANO polymer body and diffuser creates notable advantageous features and benefits.

  • High lumen outputs, 150 lumens per watt
  • Superb diffusion and uniformity thanks to the wraparound Nano polymer diffuser
  • IK10
  • Rapid installation with easy fixing options, hence reduced install time and costs
  • No internal wiring required
  • High Lumen output (> 800 lumens) from a matching non maintained emergency unit
  • 4000K colour temperature for visible comfort
  • 6000 lumens at 4000K from the 1200mm 40w unit
  • 9000 lumens at 4000K from the 1500mm 60w unit
  • Supplied complete with mains input lead