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This Milwaukee crate is part of one of the most versatile and durable storage systems in the industry - the PACKOUT™ tool storage system. built from impact resistant polymers, the tool crate can withstand drops and harsh conditions often encountered on the job site. Use it on its own to reliably store and carry various tools or materials around, couple it with a PACKOUT™ wall mounting plate to hang it on the wall or integrate it with the PACKOUT™ Mobile Modular Storage System to increase your storage and carry capacity.

Features and benefits:
- Versatile stacking options: vertical and horizontal.
- 22 Kg weight capacity.
- Large storage capacity for all kinds of tools.
- Other PACKOUT™ products can be stacked on top of the crate.
- Part of the PACKOUT™ modular storage system.

Dimensions (mm): 450 x 390 x 250

NB Price is for the crate only

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