Panasonic 9V Pro Power 6LF22 MN1604 PP3 EXP2024

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State-of-the-art long lasting energy

The Pro Power 9Volt batteries are perfectly suitable for high and medium drain appliances thanks to new materials which ensure long-lasting energy. You can this way use devices such as high-energy camera strobes, radio-controlled cars and torches for longer than ever.

Available as 1-pack containing 2 batteries.

Three unique technologies

Power protection for up to 5 years

If you do not use the Panasonic PRO POWER 9 Volt batteries and you start using them after a couple of years, they will still retain high power performance. This is guaranteed for up to 5 years in the case of this type of battery. Degradation is prevented by using materials of high quality. The Anti-Leak Protection will also minimize the chance of leakage to ensure long-life stability before use.

Protection of your precious devices and things

Less pressure means less chance of structural failure and rupture, and protects your valuable devices from damage. This is ensured by the advanced Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses gas build-up when a battery is over-discharged or stored for a long period. This feature is present in the Panasonic Pro Power 9Volt cells.

Triple tough coating for a smooth energy flow

On the positive and negative terminals of the Pro Power 9Volt batteries, an iron/nickel-plated alloy is added with the Triple Tough Coating feature. This solves the problem that the nickel layer partially peels off or the battery fails, which can happen in conventional batteries if the contact resistance builds up. The result is smooth energy flow and a longer life!