Ltech LED Intelligent DALI Driver LYT-15100/400-F1P1

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15W LTECH Intelligent LED DALI Dimming Driver

Adjustable switches allow you to control the output 

Perfect for Retrofitting

Selectable wiring options for DALI control, 1-10V control or retractive switch PUSH DIM

Dimming range from 0 to 100%

Unlike analogue dimming PWM DALI dimming does not have any effect on LED life.

PWM DALI dimming does not change the colour temperature CRI (colour rendering index)

PWM Dimming does not create flashing even down to 0.1% unlike ordinary dimming drivers.

Input Voltage: 100-240v AC

Output Voltage: 3-54v

CC Output: 100mA-400mA


175 x 44 x 30mm (L x W x H)